General Manager Air Traffic Services

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General Manager, Gatwick




Gatwick (with regular travel requirements to other units and potentially international travel)

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Managing Director

 Team Management


 The Company

ANS with its own board and management team, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DFS Group combining the reputation, capability and security of a well-established and respected global air traffic service provider with the flexibility, agility and value of a fresh, dynamic business. The company has gained certification and designation by the Civil Aviation Authority required to operate as an ANSP (air navigation service provider) in the UK market and provide ATM services. To date ANS have been awarded a 10-year contract for the future provision of Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Engineering Services at both Gatwick Airport and Edinburgh Airport.

The wealth of experience, capability and diversity throughout the team ensures service packages are tailor made and proportionate to each customer’s requirements. Whilst the Company’s’ initial focus has been on ensuring a successful Gatwick transition in spring 2016 and Edinburgh transition in spring 2018, there are many exciting opportunities ahead.  The growth potential for the business is significant.

 Summary of Role

Member of the Senior Management Team with the accountability for delivery of operational air traffic services at Gatwick Airport. Reporting to the Managing Director the General Manager is responsible for providing leadership to the team of air traffic controllers and air traffic assistants ensuring the provision of a safe and expeditious ATC service at Gatwick. Providing effective management to the Gatwick based staff and working proactively with the local Trade Union representatives the General Manager will oversee all recruitment, training, development, competence and performance requirements for the unit; ensuring all resource requirements are achieved for the compliant and efficient operation of the service.

Working directly and proactively with the airport operator, the General Manager will own the service contract ensuring all commercial and operational obligations are met; providing a customer centric service that focus’s on continuous and mutual improvement. In partnership with the Senior Management Team the General Manager will develop and implement strategic plans for the operation at Gatwick that both enhance and protect our service standards and help shape the future requirements of the customer. 


Sept 2018

Primary Responsibilities

Operational Management

=         Accountable for the safe and efficient delivery of operational air traffic services to Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL).

=         Deliver an ATS operation that is compliant with CAA regulatory requirements.

=         Meet the requirements of the safety management system and provide assurance of a safe air traffic service. Ensuring the requirements of the safety management system are discharged at all levels within the unit 

=         Budgetary management and financial decision-making.

=         Manage the production of Unit operational related documents and procedures and supervision of compliance with the procedures and standards.

=         Provide all necessary resources and materials to support the requirement for operational training and competency.

=         Ensuring that ATC staff maintain competence and currency in accordance with the UCS.

=         Ensuring that ATC staff are trained in accordance with the relevant UTP. 

=         Development of regulatory and business requirements in procedures, processes and equipment.  Work with Senior Management Team to develop strategic plans, including testing and evaluation of options.

=         Ensure that safety, security, quality and health and safety procedures are fit for purpose and are delivered, monitored and reviewed. Ensure appropriate investigations of any incidents as required.

=         Production, amendment and approval of the Manual of Air Traffic Services Part 2 including Supplementary Instruction (SIs), and Temporary Operating Instructions (TOIs)  

=         The GM has responsibility for operational engineering safety matters, though engineering as a function is provided as a service to the GM by Head of Engineering.

=         Engage in continuous local process and procedure improvements

Customer / Account Management

=         Delivery of all commercial requirements as per the GAL/ANS contract.

=         Working directly and proactively with the airport operator, owning the service contract ensuring all commercial and operational obligations are met; providing a customer centric service that focus’s on continuous and mutual improvement.

=         Work directly, autonomously and proactively with GAL to provide the required levels of service, with a focus on continuous improvement and mutual benefit.

=         Liaison with GAL at all levels and with airlines and handling agents; ensure an effective interface with NATS Terminal Control at Swanwick.

=         Ensure that all data required under the contract with GAL are reported to the ANS Board and to GAL.

=         Representing ANSL in industry development work and ensuring ANSL process is developed in accordance with requirements 

=         Liaising with the CAA on ATC matters set out in regulatory documents, including, but not limited to: 

=                     CAP 670 (Air Traffic Services Safety Requirements)  

=                     CAP 393 (Air Navigation Order) 

=                     CAP 493 (Manual of Air Traffic Services Part 1) 

=         Fulfil ANS’s obligations as part of the Gatwick Airport capacity declaration process.

=         Fulfil ANS’s obligations as part of the Gatwick Consultation Committee and the Noise Management Board.

=         Attend security forums as required by Gatwick Airport.

=         Obtain and maintain qualification under Gatwick Airport’s Silver/Bronze scheme.


Management of People

=         Provide leadership and management of all Unit, ensuring effective resourcing, development, review, motivation and communication.

=         Management of performance with regular reviews, taking appropriate action where required.

  • Give clear and timely direction to the staff under your control to ensure that all services are provided in accordance with current legislation and Company process and policy.
  • Ensure robust and compliant monthly rostering is produced with in agreed timelines.

=         Ensure that all staff are fully trained and qualified to carry out their assigned tasks.

=         Managing day to day people issues that may arise particularly those affecting service delivery.

=         Providing a culture of coaching and developing the Watch Manager team to enhance their performance and effectively manage through ensuring a positive impact on the wider teams.

=         Establish and maintain effective working relationships with trade unions, co-workers, supervisors and external contacts.

  • Regularly attend and present at senior management meetings and relevant ad-hoc internal meetings as requested and required.
  • Actively promote ANS to internal and external customers, carrying out all duties in an efficient, professional and courteous manner; clearly & effectively communicate with customers & staff.
  • Demonstrate the values within the business always.
  • Any other reasonable duties as requested by your Manager.

Personal Specification

Qualifications and Training



=         An experienced ATS professional

=         Senior managerial experience of a challenging ATC operation

=         Demonstrated leadership of medium to large teams, able to manage through others.

=         A proven record of development within ATM. 

=         Direct commercial experience with the customer and successful delivery of contractual requirements is essential.

=         Experience of managing to safety management systems and standards

=         A proven track record of development within ATM.

=         They will need a thorough ATM systems knowledge and an understanding of process development, safety cases and hazard analysis. 

=         Extensive knowledge of the following areas:

o   Aviation Law, Airspace structures, Aviation related Organisations (ICAO, EASA, etc.)

o   National, European and international aviation regulation

o   Air Traffic Control Procedures, Structures and Processes

o   Incident Investigation

Competencies and Attitude

=         Leadership using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to inspire, guide individuals or groups towards goal achievement.

=         Experience in people management including operational staffing/rostering

=         Microsoft Office Skills

=         Willingness to travel as per requirements of the role

=         Candidates should be analytical, problem-solvers and open-minded.  The ability to always see the bigger picture is essential, as is a capability to focus on the customer’s requirements.

=         Strength of character; resilient and patient;

=         flexible and change-oriented;

=         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and is sensitive to the concerns and reactions to others, ability to easily communicate with people of all levels and backgrounds.

=         Ability to proactively develop long term relationships based on mutual trust and confidence.

=         Able to seek out and evaluate data and to make logically based judgements making recommendations to achieve objectives.

=         Commercial awareness business attitude and business sense that is reflected in every decision and action.

=         Teamwork willing to participate as a full member of the team.

=         Project Management Skills, including the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines; maintaining attention to detail.

=         Planning and organising establishing a course of action for self and others to accomplish specific goals.


Internal Relationships

= Responsible for circa 55 ATC staff, 6 direct reports

= Member of Senior Management Team

= Close working relationship with Head of Engineering and LGW Engineering team

= Local Trade Union Representatives

= All employees and business lines

= DFS Group

External Relationships

= Customers, GAL, airlines, handling agents

= Industry stakeholders, NATS

= Regulatory Authorities, CAA


This job description reflects the main functions of the role but from time to time the company may assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to meet the needs of the business.