Quality and Standards Expert

Quality and Standards Expert

Reports:  Head of Safety, Security and Quality 


Reporting into the Head of Safety, Security and Quality to ensure accurate and timely reporting, auditing and document control records for several frameworks applicable within the organisation including standards as stipulated by the UK Regulator (CAA), other governing authorities. Proactively maintain the appropriate management system frameworks that ensure compliance and quality standards are priorities for all teams and practices within the business, making sound decisions based on a variety of data sources. Developing external relationships with a number of regulatory operational forums and other committees and developing this role as the business continues to grow.

  • Working with the HOSSQ ensure that all personnel understand their responsibilities in adhering to standards providing data in a timely fashion to meet audit deadlines.
  • Working to deliver ISO accreditation approvals for ANS – with support from specialists as required initial ISO 9001 and then 27001, 18001.
  • Monitoring, maintenance and continuous development and optimisation of the quality management system within the relevant ISO standard
  • Provision of reports to HOSSQ about the status and effectiveness of the quality management system including relevancy of data.
  • Constant tracking of high quality internal procedures making recommendations for change where applicable.
  • Manage the tracking of internal and external audit documentation to ensure deadlines are met for us to maintain standards.
  • Constant reporting to the department management quality about status and effectiveness of the quality management system including the transmission of quality-relevant data.
  • Support the HOSSQ with the determination, tracking and valuation of corrective and preventative actions of complaints, audits and identified deviations.
  • Collaboration with other quality experts and attendance at relevant industry forums to ensure the company are proactive in this arena.
  • Support where applicable projects for quality and process improvement.
  • Create and maintain the Master Record Index including version control and overall currency of documents acting as the companies Document Control Officer.
  • Managing the operation of the company SharePoint document library of both owned and non-owned documents ensuring this is up to date and completing a monthly check of non-owned (CL-ANS-040) and update if required.
  • Providing guidance to ANS units to ensure that: instructions published by them are aligned to company standards and operational documentation i.e. “MATS” are updated and are compliant with internal standards and external regulatory bodies.
  • Conducting periodic quality checks on the documentation to ensure its continued compliancy and making recommendations for change where applicable.
  • Oversee and manage change requests advising relevant personal on the process making recommendations if the process can be me more efficient.
  • Liaise with the CAA regarding: Operational status and day to day requirements, Operational and regulatory developments, Quality management.
  • Support Ops department with AIRAC, AIC and Supplement Update which occurs every 4 weeks.
  • Provision of administrative support to the Heads of Department in the production of Supplementary Instructions and Temporary Operating Instructions as and when requested.
  • Pro-actively review the Unified Management System and make recommendations in its development to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the business and is a fully utilised tool.
  • In cooperation with HoSSQ Manage and audit the Safety Assessment Record Documents.
  • Audit suppliers to ensure they meet the required quality standards – standards to be defined.
  • Produce periodic performance reports required by the regulator and company management and maintain the database that supports them.
  • Attending the Safety Development and Review meetings taking the minutes, distributing and maintain a record of actions and progress against these ensuring ownership by the relevant persons is against these and items are closed in a timely fashion.
  • Provide ATC training simulator in put data and assisting the UTC in developing simulator and table top exercises.
  • Contribute to policy and decision making that aligns with the overall corporate strategies, procedures and policies identifying areas for improvement.
  • Liaise with DAS and DFT to align where appropriate quality standards. 

Qualifications and Training

=    Training in relevant safety, quality standards.

=    Comprehensive knowledge of relevant regulation, CAA and ICAD Docs.


=   Considerable comparative industry sector experience (ideally aviation).

=   Extensive experience and broad understanding of regulatory functions and national processes.

=    Previous ISO or auditing responsibility is desirable.

Competencies and Attitude

=   Quality assurance monitoring information, delegated duties and compliance with internal and external policy and procedures.

=   Information gathering and analysis from a variety of sources understanding the relationships between recommending certain courses of action.

=   Effectively adapting to varying environments, responsibilities or people while maintaining effectiveness.

=   Ability to proactively develop long term relationships based on mutual trust and confidence, finds it easy to communicate with people at all levels and backgrounds.

=   Teamwork willing to participate as a full member of the team.

=   Planning and organising establishing a course of action for self and others to accomplish specific goals.

=   Good strategic and political awareness are fundamental to be able to effectively contribute and make recommendations.


= Aviation Industry – Safety Framework



Internal Relationships

= All employees and business lines

= DFS Group

External Relationships

= Customers

= Industry stakeholders

= Regulatory Authorities


This job description reflects the main functions of the role but from time to time the company may assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to meet the needs of the business.