Operations Supervisor ATS

Job Title: Operations Supervisor ATS

Department: Operations 

Location: Gatwick Airport

Reports to: Tower Operation Manager

Summary: To be responsible on a day-to-day basis for the safe and effective operation of the Gatwick Control Tower.  Gatwick  operates the busiest single runway in the world, consistently handling over 900 movements every day during the summer months. The desk position is vital to the effective and efficient running of the operation. The role ensures a smooth and safe operation including: the effective co-ordination between Tower, Airfield, Terminal Control and other core services, managing the seating plan, responding to occurances and events that effect the operation including the co-ordination and management of emergencies and incidents. 

Fixed term contract, part time hours or consultancy contract options considered.

Primary Responsibilities

• At the start of each duty: ensure familiarization with the Handover sheet, checking all NOTAMs, Briefing and Airfield statuses. Assess the traffic situation and understand any restrictions that maybe in force. Check weather forecasts and MET information. 
• Staff Management: including safe and efficient allocation to positions (seating plan), managing attendance, performance management including drugs and alcohol and staff communication.
• During the shift: ensure all documentation and the Watch Log are cleared and up to date and the Handover sheet reflects flow rates, MDIs or Airfield issues.  
• Actively monitor and manage standards of the operation.
• Ensure the operation is protected and above the minimum staffing levels, working with the Watch Managers as necessary, and when safe to do so, adjusting staffing requirements (i.e. in response to sickness) utilizing AVAAs, EVAAs and Overtime as appropriate.
• Make arrangements to cover sickness and staffing shortages, and update sickness records, the Watch Log and the Roster.
• Ensure adherence to SRATCOH rules. 
• Manage the seating plan to maximise the OJTI / Trainee time on in position, whilst looking out for the well being of the Trainee and the OJTI.
• In co-ordination with the Watch Manager and UCA, support the withdrawal of an ATCO within the defined process, including mitigation of the impact, should the situation arise. 
• Liaise with Terminal Control (TC) to manage the inbound flow rates and spacing requirements. 
• If necessary, liaise with NMOC to regulate outbound issues (i.e. CTOT issues or Flight suspensions).
• Liaise with GAL and the AFL (Airport Flow Lead) to effectively manage the operation across the airfield (this may include discussing remote holding, stand occupation, equipment functionality, disruption, safety issues etc). 
• Safety management is the responsibility of all staff and the Operations Supervisor has a key role to play in ensuring the operation remains compliant and safe, ensuring any concerns, occurrences or observations are reported via TOKAI.
• Facilitate time for ATCOs to complete any reporting requirements or training reports. 
• Complete initial investigations within the required timeframes. 
• Alerting action and the management of emergency situations, emergency runway closures, diversions and ATC incidents.
• Liaise with engineering to support the resolution of any system / technical issues.
• Manage any visitors to the Tower ensuring their conduct is appropriate. 
• Liaise with other outside agencies (e.g. emergency services) and internal departments (e.g. safety) as appropriate.  
• Actively promote ANS to internal and external customers, carrying out all duties in an efficient, professional and courteous manner; clearly & effectively communicate with customers & staff.
• Any other reasonable duties as requested by your Manager.

Qualifications and Training

• Previous ATCO licence holder, with validation at a major airfield.
• Full valid UK driving licence.


• Previous experience of MATS parts 1&2 and ATC Safety Management systems.
• Experience in the London TMA or similar high-density European airport. 
• Have previously held ATC safety accountabilities.
• Supervisory experience.
• Demonstrate extensive experience in an operational role within air traffic management.
• Have a good knowledge of air traffic systems and ATC safety management systems and regulations.
• Experience in coordinating work within a diverse team and across all departments, internal and external (e.g. customers, partners, service providers etc.) and strong stakeholder management capabilities.

Competencies and Attitude

• Highly competent communicator including written communications (reports, instructions etc).
• Strong influencing skills – capable of working with and challenging internal and external stakeholders.
• Experience developing stakeholder relationships.
• Pro-active approach - able to identify areas of need and to manage outputs.
• Ability to deal with an unpredictable workload and conflicting demands is essential. 
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail being able to work under pressure to deadlines and prioritize activities, whilst demonstrating excellent leadership qualities.
• A strong analyst able to quickly identify priorities in complex situations.
• Strong IT skills.
• A passion for providing an excellent service to customers.
• Confident with ability to influence and persuade customers.
• Self-motivated with the ability to take ownership to work autonomously and use own initiative.
• Personal integrity and professionalism.

Internal Relationships

• Senior Management Team
• Operational/technical experts, project team
• Local Trade Union Representatives
• All employees and business lines

External Relationships

• Customers, GAL, airlines, handling agents
• Industry stakeholders, NATS
• Regulatory Authorities, CAA
• Third Party contractors and partners